Our goal is to be a trustworthy connection, providing healthy puppies to loving homes.
  • We received our Corgi from Brent and the process was so easy. Brent communicated quickly and was able to answer any questions we had. We are so happy with our little Corgi and my family just adores her. We would recommend Brent and Keepsake Pups if your family is looking for a beautiful Corgi! All the papers and information we requested was also given and you shouldn’t have any concerns. Thank you Brent and family for letting us give her a forever home.
  • We are very happy with our Corgi puppy. She has a happy disposition and learns quickly. She is healthy and fun. Zuzu did not need an adjustment to her new home. She loves our older Corgi and everyone she meets. From the moment we took her she was happy with us and when we got her home she immediately made our home her home.
  • Nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Keepsake Pups. Brent was highly responsive, tended to the color/personality we wanted, and cared that his pups were going to a loving home. You can tell the pups are well socialized and happy! We even met the mother Corgi and she was the sweetest dog. Our puppy (Trunks) is fearless, loving, and intelligent. He has beautiful coloring and is beaming with energy. Could not be happier with our little guy - he brings us so much joy. We highly recommend to anyone who loves Corgis and wants to add one to the family.
    Erika & Michael
  • We adopted our puppy, Bruno, in January. Brent and his wife were very kind and patient when answering our questions and eager to help us choose a puppy with the right temperament for our family. Bruno has been a blessing to our family. We are in love with his spunky personality and sweet nature. Our children could not be happier and enjoy helping with the training and care of our newest family member. We joke that Bruno is a celebrity because of the attention he receives from everyone he meets!
  • We got our little bundle of fluff in Jan. 2019. The whole experience was absolutely fantastic. Brent was always quick to answer any questions we had. We have had Ramsay for a month and it has been amazing. He is so well tempered and quick to train. When the time comes for another puppy, we will be happy to take another trip. Kit
  • We bought a corgi puppy from Brent in June of 2016 and we love him! Brent was very kind and we were able to trust him. We get tons of complements on our corgi Louie's appearance and sweet personality. He has a good temperament and has been the family pet we've always wanted. Louie is very smart and learns new tricks/skills quickly. We absolutely love him and are thankful for Brent!
  • My sister & I got word of Brent and his corgis from a friend who adopted a pup. Like it is was fate, he had one left from the same litter (born April 30th 2016) we quickly jumped on the opportunity to FINALLY bring home a corgi. Brent was wonderful and easy to work with! Gus has been the absolute best dog since we brought him home- we bring him everywhere and he is always the center of attention. He is great with kids! The vet told us he is the perfect example of a corgi. We love him very much and are very grateful for Keep Sake Pups!
  • We adopted our corgi Scarlett from Brent this summer (summer of 2018). She has been a wonderful addition to our household. She is happy, healthy, and well adjusted. I recommend Brent and Keepsake Pups to anyone desirous of a corgi! -Bill and Kristen
  • I bought “scooter” from Brent back in April. Brent was so easy to work with. Very straight forward and quick to respond to my emails. We met at his house and I got all of his paperwork and he was up to date on everything! The environment they are in is clean and well kept. All puppies were happy and healthy. We changed scooter to Toby. Toby is the best! His personality is 10xs bigger than he is and he makes us laugh all the time. Definitely would recommend to anyone in this area!
  • We bought our puppy from Brent in July of 2018. Working with Brent was very easy. Our puppy, Arthur, had been a delight since the moment we picked him up. He was obviously well cared for from the time of his birth. Arthur is affectionate, clever, and adorable. He’s a great addition to our family.
  • We bought a puppy from Brent in July of 2018. The puppy is so loving and playful and we couldn't be happier with him. If we decide to add another puppy to our family we will be going back and buying one from Brent. Thanks again!
  • We love our corgi puppy! Thank you Brent for your kindness and expertise with everything. Our puppy has a great personality, loves kids and dogs, and is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again!
  • I couldn’t be happier with my two pups that I brought home. They have always been the sweetest and happiest pups you’ll meet. They have grown up to be beautiful loving dogs, and I couldn’t have found them without keepsake pups. I feel so blessed to call them mine.
  • We bought a corgi puppy from Brent June 2016 and are very pleased with him! Brent was very kind and we were able to trust him. Our puppy is now 7 months old and has been healthy and received great reviews at each vet visit. We get tons of complements on his appearance and some even say he's one of the best looking corgis they've ever seen! He has a good temperament and has been the family pet we've always wanted. Very smart and learns new tricks/skills quickly. Only had a few accidents in house when we brought him home. It's clear he was well socialized as a puppy. We absolutely love him and are thankful for Brent!

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